Emotion AI Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia

Emotion AI and Emotional Technologies Conference by Neurodata Lab and ITMO University

Neurodata Lab LLC and ITMO University hold a one-day conference on Emotion AI industry, its features and perspectives. Conference is scheduled to take place on March 30, 2018, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Emotional artificial intelligence (Emotion AI) as well as technologies for automatic recognition of emotions and human behavior are interdisciplinary field of research, transformed in the 2010s into a full-fledged, rapidly growing industry. In fact, we are talking about a new technological market, which is developing due to the effective interaction of academic science with the high-tech business and VC environment. Russian startups and laboratories are active participants in the process of scaling up innovative technological solutions and integrating emotional technologies into various industry contexts.

Conference goals and objectives:

1) launch the process of consolidation of the Russian-speaking community in the field of Emotion AI;

2) discuss state of the art of the industry, define its features and medium-term prospects (2018-2022), polemize the emotional technologies application areas;

3) outline options for cooperation, as well as the ways of projects commercialization and internationalization;

4) discuss models of venture support and co-financing of projects.

The preliminary program of the conference:

- Emotion AI & Affective Computing: the point of view of science, actual research and its peculiarities;
- Emotion AI as a new age technology market: current state, prospects (2016-2021), specific cases and industry potential;
- Emotion Miner platform and the AI-hub concept from Neurodata Lab: the prospects for joint projects and collaborations.

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