About us

Neurodata Lab LLC is Emotion AI Hub and full-range R&D laboratory.

We adopt an effective model of integration between fundamental research, applied science and high-tech business. 

Our company was established in April, 2016. It comprises team of professional scientists who are experts in affective&cognitive science, psychology and physiology of emotions, computational linguistics, deep learning and computer vision.

Our goals are:

  • development of advanced technological solutions in Emotion AI&Affective Computing sphere;
  • implementation of multimodal emotion recognition technologies into different industries: customer analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, intelligent transportation systems, interactive entertainment industry, digital medicine, AR/VR, education&art etc.;
  • direct support of talented scientists by their involvement into future-oriented mid- and long-term R&D initiatives.

Emotions, affects, behavior: our core specialization.

Emotions as a significant part of human affective worldview. Moreover, emotions as an essential and important component of the newly-emerged global technological reality, technology ecosystem.

Neurodata Lab LLC stands for the internationalization and commercialization of scientific results and takes part in various activities of Russian and foreign academic communities.

We share the scientific objectivity principles and are open to bi- and multilateral collaboration. This allows us to set a mutually beneficial cooperation with academic institutions, universities, research laboratories, and field-specific knowledge and competence centers in US, EU and Russia.


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