Emotion AI Hub
Neurodata Lab is an Emotion AI Hub and a full-range R&D laboratory. We adopt an effective model of integration between fundamental research, applied science and high-tech business.
We create systems that automatically recognize emotional and social behavior. Our technology incorporates a multimodal approach to create highly accurate solutions.
Our story
  • 016
    Spring 2016
    Neurodata Lab is born
  • 016
    Autumn 2016
    We include 22 affective states and social signals into our emotion recognition unit
  • 017
    Winter 2017
    We create RAMAS, first multimodal affective dataset in Russian language
  • 017
    Spring 2017
    First prototypes of a new generation speech recognition tech, face detector & identificator, codification tech of emotionally colored movements
  • 017
    Summer 2017
    Improved eye & body trackers
  • 017
    Autumn 2017
    Emotion Miner, a platform for emotion annotation, is launched
  • 018
    Winter 2018
    Emotion Miner Corpus dataset is collected, with 140 hours of emotionally colored video content and more than 110,000 annotated fragments
  • 018
    Spring 2018
    Multimodal neural networks created and enhanced with speech separation technology
  • 018
    Summer 2018
    We move to the Cloud and add social signal processing to our Emotion Recognition technology
Mission & Ethics
Responsibility, compliance with law and strong ethical values are at the core of everything we do. We believe Emotion AI is here to help people build mutual understanding and empathy.
  • 01
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Compliance with the law, protection of personal data, transparent relations with our partners, careful risk analysis at any stage, from research to product realization.
  • 02
    Striving for excellence
    Better solutions, faster technology, more accurate approaches do not tolerate compromises. So neither do we.
  • 03
    We are experts
    Our team’s expertise is what we are proud of. Interdisciplinarity, creativeness and synergy are what we encourage.
  • 04
    Desire to share
    Collaboration is crucial for development. We just love working with the best people in the field, to share and keep up.
  • 05
    Reasonableness & Stability
    As a start-up, we learned how to plan our tasks and optimise our work to achieve better results.